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Study Guide: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Jules Verne

First published: 1870

TheBestNotes Study Guide by The BestNotes Staff

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Table of Contents

Literary Elements

Character List
Short Summary (Synopsis)
Jules Verne - Biography
Literary / Historical Information

Chapter Summaries with Notes / Analysis
Part I
Chapter 1: A Shifting Reef
Chapter 2: Pros and Cons
Chapter 3: As Monsieur Pleases
Chapter 4: Ned Land
Chapter 5: In Search of Adventure
Chapter 6: Full Steam Ahead
Chapter 7: An Unknown Species of Whale
Chapter 8: Mobilis in Mobile
Chapter 9: Ned Land's Fits of Anger
Chapter 10: The Man of the Sea
Chapter 11: The Nautilus
Chapter 12: All by Electricity
Chapter 13: A Few Figures
Chapter 14: The Black River
Chapter 15: A Written Invitation
Chapter 16: An Excursion Over the Plains
Chapter 17: An Underwater Forest
Chapter 18: Four Thousand Leagues Under the Pacific
Chapter 19: Vanikoro
Chapter 20: Torres Strait
Chapter 21: A Few Days on Land
Chapter 22: Captain Nemo's Lightning
Chapter 23: Ægrie Somnia
Chapter 24: The Coral Kingdom
Part II
Chapter 1: The Indian Ocean
Chapter 2: A New Suggestion by Captain Nemo
Chapter 3: A Pearl Worth Ten Million
Chapter 4: The Red Sea
Chapter 5: Arabian Tunnel
Chapter 6: The Greek Islands
Chapter 7: The Mediterranean in Forty-eight Hours
Chapter 8: Vigo Bay
Chapter 9: A Vanished Continent
Chapter 10: Underwater Coalmines
Chapter 11: The Sargasso Sea
Chapter 12: Sperm Whales and Baleen Whales
Chapter 13: The Ice Cap
Chapter 14: The South Pole
Chapter 15: Accident or Incident
Chapter 16: Not Enough Air
Chapter 17: From Cape Horn to the Amazon
Chapter 18: Squid
Chapter 19: The Gulf Stream
Chapter 20: 47° 24’N, 17° 28’W
Chapter 21: A Massacre
Chapter 22: Captain Nemo's Last Words
Chapter 23: Conclusion

Overall Analysis
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Rising Action
Falling Action
Climax and Outcome
Themes - Theme Analysis
Point of View
Quotes - Quotations and Analysis
Symbolism / Motifs / Imagery / Symbols
Key Facts

Study Questions - Multiple Choice Quiz
Answer Key
Essay Topics / Book Report Ideas

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne: Free BookNotes Summary

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