Dad marries Roxanna on a Saturday in March back in Roofing, Minnesota. Reuben is in the wedding photo looking like an old man. They had returned to Roofing at the end of February. The ride with Mr. Juval and the hunt for Davy leaves Reuben's lungs in a steep descent. He seems to be visiting a buried and airless place. Roxanna shows no sadness over leaving her place and it occurs to Reuben that this leaving - which to him aches with failure and despair - is for her the commencement of a gallant endeavor. . . Adhering to us must've seemed a risk demanding the deepest reserves of joy and strength. Indeed, you'll see shortly how deep hers reached. They end up moving into a red farm on top of a hill and selling the Airstream to Dr. Nokes. They move into the farmhouse with a sense of waiting, because Dr. Nickles had told Dad to take Reuben home with an inflection in his voice that he hadn't long to live. They also wait for word of Davy who is......... d the next country gathers itself under my feet. (page 299)


This is a chapter of massive opposites as Reuben points out about the attack of Jape Walzer on the Land family. The greatest opposite is.......


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