So, as Reuben thinks, he has turned at last, he has betrayed his brother. They all assemble the next morning on horseback at Lonnie Ford's ranch. Two hours earlier, a rancher had found Andreeson's Mercury parked on a country road. A new federal investigator had joined them - Mr. Juval - who is unsure if taking Reuben. However, the boy is the only one who knows the way even though he had only ridden to the cabin at night. Dad insists that Reuben is up to it. Reuben sees that Dad is counting on him to lead them to the cabin.

Swede takes all of this badly, because one of her brothers has betrayed the other. It reminds her of the story of little brother Ramon who'd betrayed his older brother, the great bandito, Joaquin Murieta whose bottle head still exists in a certain tavern in Texas. Reuben is both a liar and a traitor to her.

This ride to the cabin is longer than Reuben remembers. He tells Juval along the way that Davy is not........


This chapter reinforces the idea of consequences, which even if we don't acknowledge them in this life, await is.......

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