In this short chapter, Reuben finds himself wading ashore from a stream with no notion at first of identity or burden. It seems as if there is nothing around him that can't take wing, including him. He comes close, but there is no lift-off. However, the potential is there. He realizes this place he is in has a master who is already aware of him. Then, off to his right across a valley, he sees a man afoot who he discovers is a knight who has served his king to his deepest ability, and now he is almost running to greet Eternity.

Up through Reuben's feet comes a vibration, a humming that reminds him of a verse, O be quick, my soul, to...... m his son.


This wonderful depiction of Heaven where Jeremiah Land is allowed to stay, but Reuben is not, is a........



Reuben tells us that the excitement doesn't quit while he is away in the other country. Waltzer fires three more shots at the car and five rounds into the house. In the meantime, Roxanna calls the sheriff and Dr. Nokes, while shouting at the girls to stay down. Swede tries frantically to find Dad's gun and shells to fill it, until there is nothing but quiet left. Davy has taken the car and driven off, Waltzer has disappeared, and Dad is propped up on his elbow on the gravel, bleeding abundantly from a hole in his side. Reuben is on his face in the lee of the porch. Dad is still alive at this point, but the exit wound of his gunshot seems to be bleeding far too greatly to sustain life for........


The final chapter, of course, ties all the loose ends together, but what's more, it reinforces what Reuben has.........


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