Reuben is carrying a hat full of eggs from the barn when he sees a man sitting on a horse on the hillside behind Roxanna's house. He knows without question that it is Davy. He waves but the man doesn't wave back. Davy peels for the house, places the eggs on the counter and heads outside again. This time the horse and rider are gone. He remembers Roxanna talking about her neighbor, Lonnie, a rancher who prefers to be on horseback than home with his wife, and wonders if the rider is Lonnie.

However, Reuben refuses to believe that. He knows it was Davy. So he's off on a hike to the hose trail, imagining himself, like Swede does, as an Old West figure. Twenty yards down the trail, he comes to Davy on stamping bay horse. He looks smaller and darker than Reuben remembered. Davy says, Pretty long climb, wasn't it, Natty Bumppo? Then, Davy......


Finding Davy is not just a coincidence: God had sent the snowstorm and then led Roxanna to take the family on a picnic in the........

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