At midnight that night, Reuben is crouching behind the barn waiting for Davy. Regret has set in and he forces himself to think of heroes like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and Odysseus going into Hell. He must defeat the jitters and win out fore Davy's sake. Then, he sees Davy in the moonlight and climbs behind his horse again. Without speaking, they begin a long and arduous trip. For a long time, Davy says nothing until suddenly they crest a hill and it seems like they are inside the sky. Reuben asks Davy if he can picture God tossing the stars out there like that or setting them up one by one. Davy asks Reuben if he's waxing poetic on him. He says it wasn't and that getting out of the house unseen was easy. Davy then warns him that when they come to his house, he must call Jape Walzer Mr. Walzer, because how he's addressed is a weighty thing to him. Also he reveals that there's a girl there named Sara.

When they arrive at the home, Reuben is surprised to see it's a cabin when he had been expecting a teepee. The door clicks open and Walzer comes out, saying, Little brother Reuben, it is my honor. He is the type of man who takes entire control. He hopes that Reuben means to do right by Davy, a subtle warning that Reuben must not.......


The idea of the miracle motif and the dream motif permeate this chapter with Walzer a human representation of the man who......

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