Ron Suskind

First published: 1998

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Table of Contents

Literary Elements
Character List
Short Summary (Synopsis)
Ron Suskind - Biography
Literary / Historical Information

Chapter Summaries with Notes / Analysis
Book One
Chapter 1 - Something to Push Against
Chapter 2 - Don't Let Them Hurt Your Children
Chapter 3 - Rise and Shine
Chapter 4 - Skin Deep
Chapter 5 - To Him Who Endureth
Chapter 6 - The Pretender
Chapter 7 - Goodbye to Yesterday
Chapter 8 - Fierce Intimacies
Chapter 9 - Bill Payers on Parade
Chapter 10 - A Bursting Heart
Chapter 11 - Back Home
Chapter 12 - Let the Colors Run
Chapter 13 - A Place Up Ahead
Chapter 14 - Meeting the Man

Overall Analysis
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes - Theme Analysis
Author's Style
Quotes / Quotations and Analysis
Symbolism / Motifs / Metaphors / Imagery / Symbols
Key Facts

Study Questions / Multiple Choice Quiz
Answer Key
Essay Topics - Book Report Ideas

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