1. By what name is Cedric called by his mother when he was growing up?

a. Junior.
b. Cedric Two.
c. Lavar.
d. Malik.

2. Which important national figure does Cedric visit in the spring of his Senior year?

a. Coretta Scott King.
b. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
c. Vice President Al Gore.
d. Bill Cosby...........

............. 15. What happens when Barbara and Cedric receive the eviction notice for their apartment?

a. Author Ron Suskind contacts the Washington Post to expose the injustice.
b. Minister Bordon from Scripture Cathedral saves them with a check.
c. Barbara and Cedric move into the Jennings family house, where her brother still lives.
d. Barbara and Cedric move in with Neddy at her apartment in Baltimore.

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