Minor Characters (Cont.)

Francis - A student at Christopher's school, called a spastic ("spazzer") by his brother Terry.

Terry – The older, delinquent brother of Francis.

Mrs. Peters – Teaches art at Christopher's school.

Mrs. Hardisty – A neighbor who died of an aneurysm.

Sarah – A student at Christopher's school, he once punched her when she pulled his hair.

Mrs. Forbes – An older woman who works at Christopher's school.

Reverend Peters – Mrs. Peters' husband and a vicar, he volunteers to be the invigilator for Christopher's A-level math exam.

Mr. Thompson – Lives at 40 Randolph Street.

Mr. Thompson's brother – Speaks to Christopher during his investigation.

Unnamed woman - Mother of the family who lives at 44 Randolph Street, speaks to Christopher during his investigation.

Mr. Wise – Lives at 43 Randolph Street with his disabled mother, speaks to Christopher during his investigation.

Number 38 – Next door neighbors, Ed Boone says they take drugs and forbids Christopher from talking to them.

Mrs. Gascoyne – Headmistress at Christopher's school.

Mr. Davis – Works at Christopher's school.

Mrs. Gray – The life skills instructor at Christopher's school.

Indian shopkeeper – Runs the local grocery where Christopher buys candy.

Ivor – Mrs. Alexander's dachshund.

Randyman – A Red-Faced Black Spider Monkey at the Twycross Zoo.

Miracle and Star – A pair of Patagonian Sea Lions at the Twycross Zoo.

Maliku – An Orangutan at the Twycross Zoo.

Joseph Fleming - A student at Christopher's school who is disruptive.

Mr. Land – Went to school with Judy Boone.

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