The Curious Incident Study Guide

Literary Elements

The story is set in England, primarily in Swindon - a town between Bristol and London - and in London itself. The events occur in 1998.

Character List

Main Characters

Christopher John Francis Boone - The book's narrator, Christopher is fifteen years old, gifted in mathematics, and has Asperger's Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. He lives at 36 Randolph Street with his father.

Ed Boone – head of Crenshaw High School’s gifted magnet program

Judy Boone – Christopher's mother, who Ed told Christopher died two years ago when she actually moved to London with her lover, Roger Shears.

Siobhan – Christopher's main teacher since he was twelve.

Eileen Shears – A neighbor of Christopher and ex-wife of Roger Shears. Lives at 41 Randolph Street.

Roger Shears – Former husband of Eileen Shears, a banker who moved to London with Christopher's mother.

Mrs. Alexander – Another neighbor of Christopher's who, she is an older woman who tries to befriend Christopher.

Wellington – A large poodle with black fur owned by Eileen Shears, found dead at the start of the novel.

Toby – Christopher's pet rat.

Minor Characters

Mr. Jeavons – The psychologist at Christopher's school.

Edward Paulson – A fellow student at Christopher's school.

Mr. Paulson – Edward's father, who died from gliding accident.

Steve – A student who comes to Christopher's school on Thursdays, needs help to eat his food.

Unnamed Policeman – Called to the scene of Wellington's death, is hit by Christopher when he touches him.

Kate – The officer accompanying the policeman that Christopher hit.

Police Sergeant – Asks Christopher for information when he's taken into custody.

Uncle Terry – Ed Boone's brother, he works at bakery factory and lives in Sunderland.

Grandma Burton – Lives in a nursing home and suffers from senile dementia.

Inspector – Gives Christopher a caution for hitting the policeman.

Rhodri – Ed Boone's employee.

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