Minor Characters Cont.

Angie - Secretary at Perkin and Rashid desk who befriends Judy Boone.

Mr. Perkin – An employer of Judy Boone, co-owner of Perkin and Rashid, Chartered Surveyors.

Mr. Rashid – An employer of Judy Boone, co-owner of Perkin and Rashid, Chartered Surveyors.

Julie – Christopher's main teacher when he first began attending school.

Aunt Ruth – Cousin of Judy Boone who lives in Manchester and has cancer.

Lady – Mother of a baby and a little boy, Christopher approaches her to ask for directions to the Swindon train station.

Nigel – Policeman who speaks to Christopher at the Swindon train station and loses him on the train to London.

Jack – Student at Christopher's school.

Polly – Student at Christopher's school.

Man in blue jacket – Tries to help Christopher at the London train station.

Woman at Information Booth – Tells Christopher how to get to Willesden.

Man with argyle socks – Rescues Christopher from being run over by a train at a London station.

Woman with guitar case – Tries to help Christopher, has a dog on her case.

Drunken Man – Present at the Willesden station when Christopher arrives.

Man in shop – Indian shopkeeper at Willesden who sells Christopher a map of London.

Sandy – Golden retriever puppy given to Christopher by his father.

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