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Study Guide: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson - BookNotes

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Laurie Halse Anderson

First published: 1999

TheBestNotes Study Guide by Diane Clapsaddle

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Table of Contents

Literary Elements

Character List
Short Summary (Synopsis)
Laurie Halse Anderson - Biography

Chapter Summaries with Notes / Analysis

Part 1 - First Marking Period
Chapter 1: Welcome to Merryweather High
Chapter 2: Our Teachers Are the Best
Chapter 3: Spotlight
Chapter 4: Sanctuary
Chapter 5: Espanol
Chapter 6: Home. Work.
Chapter 7: Our Fearless Leader
Chapter 8: Fizz Ed
Chapter 9: Friends
Chapter 10: Heathering
Chapter 11: Borrow
Chapter 12: Devils Destroy
Chapter 13: Cheerleaders
Chapter 14: The Opposite of Inspiration is ... Expiration?
Chapter 15: Acting
Chapter 16: Dinner Theatre
Chapter 17: Blue Roses
Chapter 18: Student Divided by Confusion Equals Algebra
Chapter 19: Halloween
Chapter 20: Name Name Name
Chapter 21: The Marthas
Chapter 22: Nightmare
Part 2 - Second Marking Period
Chapter 23: Go ______ (Fill in the Blank)!
Chapter 24: Closet Space
Chapter 25: All Together Now
Chapter 26: Job Day
Chapter 27: First Amendment
Chapter 28: Giving Thanks
Chapter 29: Wishbone
Chapter 30: Peeled and Cored
Chapter 31: First Amendment, Second Verse
Chapter 32: Wombats Rule!
Chapter 33: Winter Break
Chapter 34: Hard Labor
Chapter 35: Foul
Chapter 36: Coloring Outside the Lines
Chapter 37: Poster Child
Chapter 38: Dead Frogs
Chapter 39: Model Citizen
Chapter 40: Death by Algebra
Chapter 41: Word Work
Chapter 42: Naming the Monster
Chapter 43: Rent Round 3
Chapter 44: Can It
Chapter 45: Dark Art
Part 3 - Third Marking Period
Chapter 46: Death of the Wombat
Chapter 47: Cold Weather and Buses
Chapter 48: Escape
Chapter 49: Code Breaking
Chapter 50: Stunted
Chapter 51: Lunch Doom
Chapter 52: Conjugate This
Chapter 53: Cutting Out Hearts
Chapter 54: Our Lady of the Waiting Room
Chapter 55: Clash of the Titans
Chapter 56: Miss
Chapter 57: Picasso
Chapter 58: Riding Shotgun
Chapter 59: Hall of Mirrors
Chapter 60: Germination
Chapter 61: Bologna Exile
Chapter 62: Snow Day - School As Usual
Chapter 63: Stupid Stupid
Chapter 64: A Night To Remember
Part 4 - Fourth Marking Period
Chapter 65: Exterminators
Chapter 66: The Wet Season
Chapter 67: Spring Break
Chapter 68: Genetics
Chapter 69: My Life As A Spy
Chapter 70: Thin Atmosphere
Chapter 71: Growing Pains
Chapter 72: Gag Order
Chapter 73: No Justice, No Peace
Chapter 74: Advice From a Smart Mouth
Chapter 75: The Beast Prowls
Chapter 76: Home Sick
Chapter 77: Oprah, Sally Jessy, Jerry, and Me
Chapter 78: Real Spring
Chapter 79: Fault!
Chapter 80: Yearbooks
Chapter 81: Hairwoman No More
Chapter 82: Little Writing on the Wall
Chapter 83: Prom Preparation
Chapter 84: Communication 101
Chapter 85: Chat Room
Chapter 86: Pruning
Chapter 87: Prowling
Chapter 88: Post Prom
Chapter 89: Prey
Chapter 90: Final Cut

Overall Analysis
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes - Theme Analysis
Rising Action
Falling Action
Point of View
Quotations - Important Quotes and Analysis
Symbolism / Motifs / Imagery / Metaphors / Symbols
Key Facts

Study Questions - Multiple Choice Quiz
Answer Key
Essay Topics / Book Report Ideas

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Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson: Free BookNotes Summary

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