Multiple Choice Study Questions

6) What animal is on the pin that Katniss is given?
A. Jabberjay
B. Mockingjay
C. Tracker Jacker
D. Muttation

7) Which tribute is known to have the worst temper and snaps one of the ally’s necks?
A. Glimmer
B. Thresh
C. Cato
D. Gale

8) What is the name of the berries that kill Foxface?
A. Nightlock
B. Hemlock
C. Nightshade
D. Belladonna

9) What training score did Katniss receive?
A. 12
B. 9
C. 8
D. 11

10) What year did Peeta and Katniss participate in The Hunger Games?
A. 33rd Annual Hunger Games
B. 45th Annual Hunger Games
C. 74th Annual Hunger Games
D. 50th Annual Hunger Games

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