Multiple Choice Study Questions

11) What is Gale’s nickname for Katniss?
A. Catnip
B. Kitten
C. Carebear
D. Katy

12) Who is the last tribute to die in the arena?
A. Thresh
B. Foxface
C. Peeta
D. Cato

13) What gift does Katniss remember giving Prim on her birthday?
A. A goat
B. Strawberries
C. Her cat
D. A locket

14) What is the name of the country where the Hunger Games take place?
A. The Capitol
B. Panem
C. Panama
D. Mandham

15) The tributes from the wealthier districts who train for the Games are called?
A. Ringers
B. Contenders
C. Alphas
D. Careers

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