Multiple Choice Study Questions

1) What is the name of the ceremony where tributes are chosen from each district?
A. The Hunger Games
B. The Opening Ceremonies
C. The Reaping
D. The Treaty of Treason

2) What is the primary industry in District 12?
A. Coal Mining
B. Agriculture
C. Banking
D. Weapons Manufacturing

3) What is the name of the system where people can put additional entries into The Hunger Games for food?
A. The Reaping
B. Tesserae
C. The Draft
D. The Trade

4) How does Katniss get the Gamemakers attention in her private session?
A. Calls them pigs
B. Shoots an arrow into an apple in the pig's mouth
C. Throws a knife into the wall
D. Starts crying out of frustration

5) What flower reminds Katniss of Peeta and symbolizes hope to her?
A. Daffodil
B. Lily
C. Daisy
D. Dandelion

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