Chapter 10

The audience cheers and goes crazy about Peeta’s declaration of love, but Katniss is livid. When he is done the interview she shoves him into an urn, making him fall and cut his hands. She feels that he had no right to share something like that with the audience. Effie and Haymitch catch up with them and Haymitch tells Katniss not to be angry with him because he helped her out. Peeta made her look desirable and raised their popularity. They had planned this ahead of time but did not tell Katniss because they wanted her reaction to be genuine and that this will help with the sponsors. Katniss realizes the intelligence of the idea and watches the replays of the interviews with them.

Peeta and Katniss say their goodbyes to Haymitch and Effie, because the next morning is the start of the Games and they will not be accompanying the tributes. Haymitch gives them a last piece of advice before the games. He urges them to run away as soon as the gong sounds and the Games begin. There will be a Cornucopia in the center where they start with supplies but they are not prepared to fight the other tributes and will likely lose, therefore the smartest move is to run away and concentrate on finding a water source. Katniss tries to sleep that night but finds she is too nervous about the next day. She goes to the roof and finds Peeta who tells her he expects to die but he is really afraid that they are going to change him. He states that he wants to die as himself and wishes he could think of a way to show the Capitol that they do not own him. She apologizes for pushing him and encourages him to just do his best to stay alive.

In the morning, Cinna accompanies Katniss to the arena where she has a metal tracking device inserted into her. He gives her the gold mockingjay pin and reminds her of Haymitch’s advice. He tells her that if he could bet, his money would be on her and wishes her good luck. She is raised up through a cylinder and set out into the arena with the other tributes. The Hunger Games have officially begun.

Katniss continues to learn the art of providing a good impression to the audience and starts to fully understand the intelligence behind Peeta and Haymitch’s strategy to have the couple appear in love. The readers start to understand more about Peeta’s motivation and character when he talks about his fears of losing his identity and becoming a pawn for the Capitol. The lead up to the beginning of the Games allows the audience to empathize with the tributes and understand how terrifying this experience would be, especially for a young teenager.

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