Chapter 9

Katniss is confused and betrayed by Peeta’s request that they be coached separately but feels relieved that they don’t have to keep up the appearance of friendship. Katniss meets with Effie to be coached for her televised interview the next day. Effie focuses on posture, walking in high heels, and how to come across as likeable to the audience. Haymitch then tries to coach Katniss on her interview skills but she continues to come across as hostile and unlikeable despite practicing to come across as humble, mysterious, funny, and sexy. He tells her that she has no charm and eventually gives up, telling her that she has to make a good impression to determine what the sponsors will give her. He leaves Katniss in a fit of rage where she starts smashing dishes.

The Avox girl comes in to clean and bandage her up where she cut herself on a broken dish, which prompts Katniss to apologize to her for not trying to save her. The Avox girl shakes her head and gestures that Katniss would have just ended up like her. The next morning Katniss meets up with Cinna, her stylist. He puts her in a beautiful dress covered with jewels that give off the impression of little flames. He comforts her by saying that people already like and admire her spirit and she only needs to be herself. He advises her to find him in the audience and answer as if she is just speaking to him, which calms her down a great deal.

The interviews go in order of district, so Katniss and Peeta are the last interviews of the day. She watches the other tributes interviews and when her turn is up she does very well, coming across as charming and funny. She wins over the crowd and feels an immense sense of relief. She watches Peeta’s interview next and he comes across as even more charming then her and plays up to the audience.

The host, Caesar Flickerman, asks Peeta if he has a girlfriend to which he replies that he does not, but there is a girl he has had a crush on for years. Caesar comments that she wouldn’t be able to turn him down if he wins but he replies that it won’t help him if he wins because she came to the Games with him.

This chapter focuses mainly on the importance of appearing in a way that most appeals to the audience and the pressure these tributes are under to be seen as likeable. Peeta’s public announcement of affection for Katniss is another way in which they may gain audience favor and therefore sponsor support, and the reader gets more insight into Peeta’s character including his charm and intelligence.

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