Chapter 11

The tributes are forced to wait sixty seconds before they can start which gives Katniss the opportunity to survey her surroundings. The Cornucopia, an aptly named large structure shaped like a cornucopia, there are supplies and she longingly looks at a backpack and a bow and arrow set. She debates on trying to reach the bow before anyone else but looks at Peeta who shakes his head telling her not to risk it. The gong sounds and she misses her chance, having been distracted by Peeta. She grabs a tarp and sprints to an orange backpack closer to her. She grabs it at the same time as another male tribute but while they are struggling for it he falls with a knife in his back. She grabs the backpack and runs for the woods as a knife hits her backpack and lodges into it. She risks looking back as she runs and sees many of the tributes fighting. Several lie dead on the ground, which motivates her to keep running in the woods while looking for water.

Later in the afternoon cannon sounds go off to mark the death of the tributes. She counts eleven cannon shots, which mean there are now thirteen tributes left. As she is searching for water she wonders if Peeta made it out alive. She searches the contents of the bag and finds a sleeping bag, a little food, some iodine and an empty bottle. She worries that the only water supply is a lake around the Cornucopia, which would be dangerous since it is likely being guarded by the Career Tributes.

She sets some snares and makes her bed in a tree where she secures herself with a belt to a branch. Night falls, and there is the death recap. The faces of the dead tributes are projected into the sky, and with relief she realizes that Peeta isn’t among them. In the morning Katniss hears someone nearby building a fire and can only stay concealed in the tree when several tributes run towards the fire and she hears the girl scream. She realizes that several of the tributes are fighting in a pack and hears them discussing why they have not heard the cannon go off to announce the girl’s death. She hears one person volunteer to go back to make sure she is dead and with a start Katniss realizes that the voice is Peeta’s.

With the beginning of the Games, the audience gets their first taste of what Katniss is like during a combat situation. She remains smart, but takes a risk to grab some needed supplies. As Katniss starts to familiarize herself with her surroundings, the audience gets an appreciation for the advantage Katniss has from hunting and spending so much time in the woods while growing up. The vicious reality of the Games is brought to life when hearing about the battle scene at the beginning of the Games.

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