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Free Study Guide for Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt-Book Summary

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1. Who is Shadrach?

A. Jethroís oldest brother
B. a neighbor
C. Jethroís teacher and friend

2. Who is Eb Carron?

A. Jethroís cousin
B. a neighbor
C. Jethroís best friend

3. To which brother is Jethro the closest?

A. John
B. Tom
C. Bill

4. Why isnít Jenny allowed to marry Shadrach?

A. Matt disapproves of him
B. Jennyís too young
C. She doesnít love him

5. Which member of Jethroís family is killed in the war?

A. Eb
B. John
C. Tom

6. What does Dave Burdow do to Jethro?

A. ridicules him about Bill
B. saves his life
C. helps him read

7. What event makes Jethro have to take full responsibility for the farm?

A. Mattís heart attack
B. he turns thirteen
C. the barn is burned

8. With whom does Jethro work the fields?

A. Jenny
B. Eb
C. Ross Milton

9. Which of the following is a Confederate general?

A. Sherman
B. Lee
C. Grant

10. What battles turned the war toward victory for the North?

A. Pea Ridge/Fredericksburg
B. Shiloh/Sumter
C. Gettysburg/Vicksburg

11. Whose army took Savannah and Atlanta?

A. Sherman
B. Lee
C. Grant

12. Why does Jethro try to keep Ebís desertion a secret?

A. Matt would be angry

B. Eb is dying
C. It could be dangerous for the family

13. In whom do Ross Milton and Jethro place their faith after the war?

A. Grant
B. Lincoln
C. McClellan

14. How does Lincolnís assassination affect Jethro?

A. He accepts it as fate.
B. He does not care.
C. He is grief stricken.

15. What does Shad want Jethro to do now that the war is over?

A. work the farm
B. take a break
C. continue his studies

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Across Five Aprils Study Guide-Free BookNotes Plot Summary

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