Essay Topics and Book Report Ideas

1. Explain the motif the wheel by using specific examples from the story.

2. Discuss the idea of metamorphosis and how it applies to Winnie and the Toad.

3. How is the wood the hub of the wheel in this story?

4. How is the music box the tie that seems to bind all these characters together?

5. Using the dream and the death of the Man in the yellow Suit as the center of your answer, explain how Angus feels about being immortal.

6. Discuss how Mae, Jesse and Miles deal with their immortality.

7. Apply the idea of moral judgment to decisions made by the following characters: Winnie, Mae Tuck, the Man in the Yellow Suit, and the Constable.

8. How does Angus use the lake to explain life to Winnie and her need to keep the secret of the spring? Be specific.

9. How is the storm representative of change, and how is it an accessory to the crime of freeing Mae from jail?

10. Why had Mae and Angus stayed so long in the area of Treegap? Why, in the end, were they able to decide they needed never come back there?