Multiple Choice Study Questions

1. The Ferris wheel symbolizes

a. pleasure and entertainment.
b. life and death.
c. Winnie’s freedom.

2. The three seemingly unconnected events are:

a. Mae searching for the boys, Winnie deciding to run away and the Man in the Yellow Suit coming to Winnie’s house.
b. The building of the new jail, Winnie running away, and Mae killing the Man.
c. The Toad hopping into the woods, Winnie meeting Jesse, and Winnie being kidnapped.

3. When Winnie tried to drink from the spring

a. Miles grabs her and pulls her away.
b. Jesse tells her it would be the worst thing that could ever happen.
c. Mae tells the boys to let her drink.

4. Mae’s excuse to the Man in the Yellow Suit for taking Winnie away is

a. they’re teaching her to behave after she left their home
b. they’re showing her the beauty of the wood, but they’re late getting home.
c. they’re teaching their little girl how to ride.

5. The Tucks make Winnie stay with them one day, because

a. they want her to stay with them forever.
b. they want her to realize she can never tell about the spring.
c. they don’t want anyone to know she’s been in the wood.

6. The one who explains the importance of the secret to Winnie is

a. Mae Tuck.
b. Jesse Tuck.
c. Angus Tuck.

7. Angus tells Winnie about the cycle of life by comparing it to

a. Water.
b. Air.
c. Fire.

8. The Man in the Yellow Suit gets to the Foster home by

a. riding his own horse.
b. riding his wagon to the cottage.
c. stealing the Tuck’s horse.

9. The Man in the Yellow Suit won’t tell her parents where Winnie is until

a. they give him ransom money
b. they sell him the wood.
c. they give him the wood.

10. The Man in the Yellow Suit returns to the Tuck home

a. ahead of the Constable.
b. with the Constable.
c. behind the Constable.

11. The Man in the Yellow Suit wants the wood in order to

a. set up a patent-medicine show.
b. sell the water to everyone.
c. sell the water only to people he thinks deserve it.

12. He wants the Tucks to help him by

a. giving him their horse and wagon.
b. disappearing.
c. trying to kill themselves before a crowd to prove they are immortal.

13. When the Tucks refuse, he decides to use

a. Winnie.
b. the Foster family.
c. the Toad.

14. The most important reason why Mae kills the Man is because

a. he was hurting Winnie.
b. he would destroy the world by revealing the secret.
c. he would destroy her family.

15. In the end, Winnie decides to

a. drink the spring water and join Jesse.
b. live a natural life and die.
c. tell the world about the spring.

Answer Key

1.) b
2.) a
3.) b
4.) c
5.) b
6.) c
7.) a
8.) c
9.) c
10.) a
11.) c
12.) c
13.) a
14.) b
15.) b