Study Question Answers

1.) b

2.) b

3.) c

4.) a

5.) c

6.) b

7.) a

8.) c

9.) a

10.) c

11.) b

12.) c

13.) b

14.) b

15.) c

Book Report Ideas

1. Why is the book called Holes?

2. What was the hole in Stanley’s life when he first went to Camp Green Lake? How was it filled in?

3. Discuss the significance of the nicknames of the boys at Camp Green Lake.

4. How did Stanley’s memories of Derrick Dunne help him survive his second day of digging?

5. Explain the importance of onions, peaches, May Lou.

6. What does X-Ray’s real name, Rex, mean? Why was he the leader of the group?

7. How did Stanley’s personality change since arriving at Camp Green Lake? Has his character improved or deteriorated?

8. Compare and contrast the three versions of the song that appears throughout the book.

9. Compare and contrast the characters Stanley and Zero. Use physical and personality traits in your descriptions.

10. Give examples of Stanley’s conflicts with people, nature, and himself.

11. Find an example of sarcasm, irony, and simile in the novel. Explain the meaning of each.

12. Describe the similarities between Madame Zeroni and Zero, and Stanley and Elya.

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