Study Questions

1. On what did Stanley’s family blame their bad luck?

A. laziness
B. a curse
C. poverty

2. How did Stanley’s great-grandfather lose his fortune?

A. gambling
B. he was robbed
C. in the stock market

3. Why did Elya Yelnats go to America?

A. to find fortune
B. to visit relatives
C. to escape heartbreak

4. What was the first “interesting” item Stanley found?

A. a fossil
B. a gold tube
C. sunflower seeds

5. What did Stanley give to X-Ray?

A. a shovel
B. sunflower seeds
C. a gold tube

6. Who was the leader of the boys from Group D?

A. Stanley
B. X-Ray
C. Armpit

7. Who stole Mr. Sir’s sunflower seeds?

A. Magnet
B. X-Ray
C. Squid

8. Which word best describes how Mr. Pendanski treats Zero?

A. compassion
B. indifference
C. ridicule

9. Who punished Stanley by depriving him of water?

A. Mr. Sir
B. Mr. Pendanski
C. the Warden

10. Who was not allowed to attend classes at the schoolhouse in Green Lake?

A. Kate Barlow
B. Trout Walker
C. Sam

11. Why did the people of Green Lake turn against Sam?

A. He was a murderer.
B. He was black.
C. He smelled of onions.

12. According to the story, who punished the people of Green Lake?

A. Trout Walker
B. Kate Barlow
C. God

13. Where did Stanley and Zero head after their escape from Camp Green Lake?

A. Devil’s Peak
B. God’s thumb
C. Cold Mountain

14. What did Stanley and Zero find on the mountain?

A. peaches
B. onions
C. treasure

15. What did Camp Green Lake ultimately become?

A. a lake
B. a resort
C. a Girl Scout Camp

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