Companies and the Flat World: Chapter 11


In chapter 11, How Companies Cope, Friedman begins with an observation he has made while researching this book, which is that the companies that have managed to grow today are those that are most prepared to change. Friedman shares seven rules he has learned from these companies.

Rule #1 is When the world goes flat--and you are feeling flattened--reach for a shovel and dig inside yourself. Don't try to build walls. Here, Friedman uses the example of his friend's company, Greer & Associates, which specialized in developing commercials for television and retail photography. In the wake of the triple convergence, Greer & Associates had to dig within itself to find a way to stay competitive. The company now focuses on strategic insight, creative instinct, and artistic flair. Because Greer & Associates is competing with the whole world in this flat world, it has to offer something unique.

Rule #2 is And the small shall act big... This means that small companies must act big by taking advantage of new tools for collaboration. To illustrate this point, Friedman tells the story of how Fadi Ghandour took advantage of new forms of collaboration, such as supply-chaining, outsourcing, insourcing, and the steroids, to develop his package delivery service into the only Arab company listed on the NASDAQ.

Rule #3 is And the big shall act small... This means that companies collaborate with their customers to make their..........


This section is well-organized and straight forward. This is one of Friedman's best chapters because he sticks to concrete observations and does not..........


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