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1. Descibe what makes Mariam go to her fatherís house. What is the outcome of this decision on Mariamís life?

2. What makes Nana so bitter? How does it affect her relationship with Mariam?

3. Why does Jalil marry Mariam to Rasheed. How is this one of the worst decisions he ever makes?

4. Why did Jalil come to Kabul to Mariamís home? What is her reaction to this? How does he finally say heís sorry?

5. Describe the marriage between Rasheed and Mariam before Laila comes into their lives.

6. Describe Lailaís childhood. Why is she closer to Babi than Mammy?

7. How does Laila lose her parents and why does she accept Rasheedís offer of marriage? Describe their marriage.

8. How does Mariam come to the point where she has to kill Rasheed? Why is her decision to take the blame for his death rather than fleeing Kabul the only right decision?

9. Explain why Laila decides to return to Kabul. What does Laila put into action to honor the memories of her parents and Mariam?

10. How are the city of Kabul and Mariam alike?

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