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1.) Mariam was called a harami by her mother which meant

a.) son of a bitch.
b.) whore.
c.) bastard.

2.) Mariam’s mother was very bitter about being rejected by Mariam and her father. She showed this by

a.) throwing rocks at Jalil.
b.) refusing to allow Jalil to visit Mariam
c.) committing suicide.

3.) To prevent their own humiliation, Jalil’s wives

a.) forced him to stop visiting Mariam.
b.) forced him to marry Mariam off to Rasheed.
c.) forced him to have Mariam killed.

4.) Rasheed first shows his control over Mariam by

a.) raping her on their wedding night.
b.) beating her on their wedding night.
c.) making her wear a burqa.

5.) Laila sees a beautiful Benz sitting outside Mariam’s house which is an indication that

a.) Jalil has come to seek forgiveness.
b.) Rasheed is making great money in his shop.
c.) Nana and Jalil have come to visit Mariam.

6.) Laila has spent her entire life loving

a.) Zaman
b.) Hamza
c.) Tariq

7.) Tariq had lost his leg when

a.) he stepped on a landmine.
b.) he was hit by a rocket attack.
c.) He was shot down by the Taliban.

8.) Tariq wants Laila to marry him and leave Afghanistan, but

a.) she won’t leave her father.
b.) she’s afraid of Tariq’s father.
c.) she can’t, because her mother is sick.

9.) Laila decides to accept Rasheed’s proposal, because

a.) she is pregnant and believes Tariq is dead.
b.) Tariq has died and she feels lonely.
c.) she needs a male to live with under the Taliban.

10.) Rasheed is angry when Laila’s baby is born, because

a.) he knows she doesn’t belong to him.
b.) she’s a girl.
c.) she’s unattractive.

11.)Rasheed and Laila’s son is called

a.) Zalmai.
b.) Hamza.
c.) Omar.

12.)Rasheed treats his son

a.) as cruelly as he does Aziza.
b.) too well, spoiling him.
c.) indifferently, because he’s unattractive.

13.)After the women try to escape Rasheed, he

a.) turns them in to the Taliban.
b.) he locks them up without food or water for three days.
c.) he beats them and then makes them stay in the house.

14.)When Mariam realizes that Rasheed is going to kill Laila, she

a.) runs away before he kills her.
b.) tries to pull him off her, but fails.
c.) finds a shovel and kills him.

15.)Laila convinces Tariq to return to Afghanistan, because

a.) she misses her parents.
b.) she wants to honor her parents and Mariam.
c.) she wants to help hunt the Taliban.

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