First published: 1859

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Table of Contents

Literary Elements

Character List
Short Summary (Synopsis)
Charles Dickens - Biography
Literary / Historical Information

Chapter Summaries with Notes / Analysis

Book One: Recalled to Life
Chapter One: The Period
Chapter Two: The Mail
Chapter Three: The Night Shadows
Chapter Four: The Preparation
Chapter Five: The Wine Shop
Chapter Six: The Shoemaker

Book Two:The Golden Thread
Chapter One: Five Years Later
Chapter Two: A Sight
Chapter Three: A Disappointment
Chapter Four: Congratulatory
Chapter Five: The Jackal
Chapter Six: Hundreds of People
Chapter Seven: The Marquis in Paris
Chapter Eight: The Marquis in the Country
Chapter Nine: The Gorgon's Head
Chapter Ten: Two Promises
Chapter Eleven: A Companion Picture
Chapter Twelve: The Fellow of Delicacy
Chapter Thirteen: A Fellow of No Delicacy
Chapter Fourteen: The Honest Tradesman
Chapter Fifteen: Knitting
Chapter Sixteen: Still Knitting
Chapter Seventeen: One Night
Chapter Eighteen: Nine Days
Chapter Nineteen: An Opinion
Chapter Twenty: A Plea
Chapter Twenty-One: Echoing Footsteps
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Sea Rises
Chapter Twenty-Three: Fire Rises
Chapter Twenty-Four: Drawn to the Loadstone Rock

Book Three: The Track of a Storm
Chapter One: In Secret
Chapter Two: The Grindstone
Chapter Three: The Shadow
Chapter Four: Calm in a Storm
Chapter Five: The Wood-Sawyer
Chapter Six: Triumph
Chapter Seven: A Knock at the Door
Chapter Eight: A Hand At Cards
Chapter Nine: The Game Made
Chapter Ten: The Substance of the Shadow
Chapter Eleven: Dusk
Chapter Twelve: Darkness
Chapter Thirteen: Fifty-Two
Chapter Fourteen: The Knitting Done
Chapter Fifteen: The Footsteps Die Out Forever

Overall Analysis
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes - Theme Analysis
Dicken's Use of Irony

Study Questions - Book Report Ideas

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