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A Glossary is provided below of various colloquial terms. The words are presented in the order in which they appear:
’coons’ - racoons
split-wedge - a crack or tear which is triangular in shape.
jungle-up - a camp for tramps who spend the night in just about any place.
bucking grain bags - carrying bags of grain
bindle - a bundle binding all the necessary things with a cloth or blanket
cat-house - whore house
foundin’ their tail - working really hard
blowen’ in our jack - spending or wasting all our money.
Burcap - a coarse canvas for wall coverings etc.
pants rabbits - fleas
swamper - a cleaner
grey-backs - ice
gimme my time - give me my salary
tick - mattress cover.
stable buck - the black man in charge of the stable
brang - brought
little skinner - a driver of a small mule team
rassel grain-bags - load bags of grain
flapper - mouth
she got the eye - eyeing men, a flirt
two bits - a quarter
whing-ding - an expression meaning approval
enchre - a card game played by two people
roll up a stake - save up money
looloo - a loose woman
hoosegow - prison
yella as a frog belly - cowardly
welter - welterweight, a category in boxing
bootry hatch - lunatic asylum
baloney - deceptive talk; nonsense
doped out - thought out
jack you outa the sewer - keep you out of trouble
fambly - family


1. Describe the setting of the novel. Why is it so important?

2. Compare and contrast George and Lennie.

3. Contrast Lennie and Curley.

4. What is the role of Curley’s wife in the novel?

5. Discuss the dream of George and Lennie in detail.

6. Explain all the reasons that George stays with Lennie.

7. Explain the pattern of death that is developed in the novel, starting in the first chapter.

8. Give specific incidents where Lennie demonstrates that he is slow or retarded.

9. How is the theme of loneliness developed in the novel?

10. Why do Candy, Crooks and Curley’s wife each feel lonely?

11. Is Lennie painted as a likable person in the book? Discuss.

12. Is George portrayed as a likable person? Discuss.

13. Discuss the significance of the title used by Steinbeck?

14. Discuss the ironies in Of Mice and Men.

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