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1.) Explain what you think would have happened between Brian and his parents if he had never crashed and why you believe this.

2.) What is the Secret and why is it eating at Brianís emotions?

3.) Explain how Brianís character changes over the fifty-four days he is lost. Give examples to show the changes.

4.) What might the outcome have been if Brian had never been given the hatchet? Explain why you believe this.

5.) Explain what lessons Brian learned from the following: the bear, the porcupine and the skunk, the mother bear and her cubs, the wolves, and the moose. How did he learn each lesson?

6.) Why did Brian believe his tears were wasted? How did that realization help him to grow?

7.) Explain how his memories helped Brian to survive.

8.) Explain the significance of Brian feeling uncomfortable with the rifle after he finds it in the survival pack.

9.) Give examples of how this experience changed Brianís life after he was rescued.

10.) Why didnít Brian ever tell his father the Secret? What does this say about the change in his character?

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