1.) When the pilot teaches Brian how to control the plane, it is an example of

a.) deus ex machine
b.) foreshadowing
c.) irony

2.) Brian's reaction to surviving the plane crash is to

a.) fall asleep
b.) scream for help
c.) swim back to the plane to save the pilot

3.) Brian is lucky to have the hatchet which is a gift from

a.) his father
b.) the pilot
c.) his mother

4.) Brian discovers that the hatchet is the key, because

a.) it helps him cut down trees
b.) it helps him build a fire
c.) it helps him build the raft

5.) Brian learns from the bears and the wolves that

a.) they are willing to share the food of the forest.
b.) they are predators which will eat humans.
c.) they are more afraid of him than he is of them.

6.) One of Brian's biggest mistakes was

a.) not saving the pilot.
b.) throwing sand at the skunk.
c.) cutting his leg with the hatchet.

7.) Brian was able to store fish for the future by

a.) finding ice for a refrigeration system.
b.) packing it in dirt.
c.) creating a pond where the fish could swim in but not out.

8.) Brian stored non-perishable food

a.) in the corner of his shelter.
b.) above his shelter on the ledge.
c.) in the crashed airplane.

9.) The first food Brian discovers is

a.) fish.
b.) foolbirds.
c.) gut cherries.

10.) First Meat Day is the name Brian gives

a.) the day he first kills a foolbird.
b.) the day he kills a deer.
c.) the day is kills a porcupine.

11.)Brian says that there has been a flip of some coin and he is the loser when

a.) the plane crashes.
b.) the skunk sprays him and blinds him.
c.) the moose attacks and a tornado hits.

12.)The treasure in Brian's words is

a.) the first meat he eats.
b.) the hatchet given to him by his mother.
c.) the survival pack in the tail of the plane.

13.) Brian discards the Emergency Transmitter, because

a.) it makes no sound and he thinks the water has ruined it.
b.) it doesn't know what it is.
c.) he thinks it's a radio and there are no radio waves there.

14.)Just as he finds the survival pack,

a.) Brian is attacked by a moose.
b.) a plane lands to rescue him.
c.) Brian is pulled under as the plane shifts.

15.)After his ordeal, Brian learns

a.) to never ride in an airplane again.
b.) that he is a changed, different person.
c.) that the Secret must be told.

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