As the chapter opens, for a moment, Landon is 57 years old and it's forty years after he asked Jamie to marry him. And then, the past begins to unfold before him again, the anthropomorphic change taking us back to 1959. He remembers how breathlessly Jamie accepts his proposal and how he has to convince his parents and Hegbert that he isn't just doing this for Jamie, but that he needs to do it for himself as well. He knows that God has spoken directly to him and he must not disobey. He declares that he would marry Jamie Sullivan no matter what happens in the future or even if the miracle he has been praying for suddenly comes true. This he believes, because in this year, Jamie has helped him become the man he is at this moment and..........


The final chapter is both a study in the poignant, unforgettable moments of life and an ending that is at once a mystery and as clear as the light of Heaven. We see Landon declare his love for Jamie and she for him among all the people they know and love and who know and love them, too. We see Landon reflect on the basic goodness that Jamie showed to everyone she met and how she...........

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