Chapter 1

Katniss stands among the ruins of their old house in District 12, all covered in ash and dust. The people from District 13, where she’s currently seeking refuge, refused to allow her to see her home. However, upon her insistence, they allowed her to go so long as she agreed to have her visit monitored, with Gale watching over her inside a hovercraft. She tries her best to recall the details of everything that happened to her prior to the Quarter Quell but finds it difficult to remember. She roams around the rest of District 12 and regrets everything that has happened to her hometown.

Alma Coin, the president of District 13 wants her to become the Mockingjay, a symbol of rebellion against The Capitol, aiming to inspire people to overturn the administration of President Snow. The only reason she agreed to their condition is that she wanted to make sure that Peeta is still safe. She encounters her sister’s cat, Buttercup and decides to take the animal back with her. She returns to the ruins of her old home and got her dad’s hunting coat. All of a sudden, she found a single white rose laying amongst the ruins—a symbol from President Snow that he’s still out to get her.

This was Katniss’ first time to visit her old home since before the Quarter Quell began. She’s still showing signs of trauma from what happened and finds it hard to piece her memory back together. Gale assists her all throughout the ordeal. She starts contemplating about President Coin’s offer for her. Katniss re-affirms herself about her new role as a rebel for District 13. All of them from the Quarter Quell, save for Peeta and Johanna, were pulled away and are staying in the district. Katniss still feels haunted by President Snow. After much contemplation, she decides to become the figurehead of the revolution, the Mockingjay. In exchange, she asks for immunity for her friends, as well as the power to be able to kill Snow.

Chapter 2

Katniss joins Gale inside the hovercraft and tries to calm her mind down with him. She then gives out a description of what District 13 used to be like before the separation from the Capitol, something that they did because of their possession of nuclear weapons. Everybody who lives in District 13 has to stay underground, only being allowed to come out during short periods of time per day. Every morning, citizens of District 13 get temporary tattoos; which gives them a schedule of what they’re supposed to do for the whole day.

While they’re headed for the evening meal, Katniss and Gale were summoned to a meeting with the officials at the Command, also known as the headquarters. Once they arrived, they found the others watching a television broadcast of an interview of Peeta with Caesar Flickerman, relieving Katniss of her worries regarding Peeta’s health and safety.

During the interview, Peeta admitted that he had tried to sacrifice himself in order to save Katniss during the Quarter Quell, as they were having a baby—something that has been fabricated to keep the audience interested. Deep inside, Katniss knows that Peeta is well aware of everything that occurred and isn’t entirely brainwashed by the Capitol. Peeta gets irate towards Caesar when he was asked about Katniss’ innocence. Before the broadcast ended, Peeta gives out a warning about a war and pleaded for everyone to stop fighting and call a truce.

Katniss runs out of the Command after she becomes upset with what she watched. Gale follows her and tells her that he got demoted because he chose to stick with her. She feels comfort in the fact that the two of them are becoming friendly towards each other again. The two of them start discussing what occurred during the broadcast and Gale suggested that President Snow must have put Peeta up to it, however, in order to protect Katniss, Peeta had to call out for peace: something that’s obviously against the wishes of the Capitol. Katniss realizes that their situation isn’t that different from the Games, only this time, they’re playing on a much bigger scale. This realization prompted her to finally step up and become the symbol of the revolution.

Katniss feels relieved that she saw that Peeta is at the Capitol. However, she gets upset when she feels as if something is terribly wrong about the way Peeta is acting.

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