Minor Characters (Cont.)

Cressida - in charge of the camera crew that follow Katniss around while filming propos.

Castor and Pollux - twins who serve as cameramen for Katniss’ squad.

Jackson - second-in-command for Squad 451. She was supposed to take over after Boggs’ death, and gets annoyed when he puts Katniss in charge instead of her.

Leeg 1, Leeg 2, Mitchell, Homes, and Messalla - Katniss team members from the squad. They all sacrificed their lives in order for the team to continue on to the Capitol.

Tigris - runs a fur shop in the downtown of the Capitol. She helps Katniss and the others hide within her fur shop.

Commander Paylor - a woman from District 8 that holds a great amount of military power in Panem.

Flavius, Octavia, and Venia - Katniss’ prep team from The 74th Hunger Games; which was originally headed by Cinna.

Effie Trinket - The Capitol’s co-coordinators. She re-emerged once the war is over and tries to convince everyone that she did indeed rebel and went into hiding.

Fulvia Cardew - a former power player from the Capitol. She seems to hold a significant amount of power over the rebels of District 13, hence, Katniss’ distrust towards her.

Caesar Flickerman - always in charge of interviewing Peeta for his appearances for the Capitol.

Enobaria - one of the few tributes who emerged from the Quarter Quell alive. For the most part of the book, she was staying at the Capitol.

Delly Cartwright - the girl from District 12 that the rebels bring to Peeta’s quarters to try and help him get back to his old self.

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