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Free Study Guide: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

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Wayne Parr was Hilari Kimble’s boyfriend. He was good-looking. Unconsciously everyone tried to be like him. He had no other great claim to fame. He did not take part in classroom discussions or after-school activities. His stated goal was to be a male model and appear on the cover of GQ.


Chapter 4 is very short, less than three pages. Basically, it is just a description of Wayne Parr.



One Friday night, in answer to a hurried call from Kevin, Leo rushed to the football stadium where the school's football team was playing. The band was performing at half-time. Usually the band was not notable, but this night Stargirl was with them on the field. She was the center of everyone’s attention and remained so even after the band left the field. She stayed on the field as the players tried to resume the game. When a policeman came after her, she punted the ball and ran out of the stadium. Somehow, Stargirl’s actions and spirit ignited the fans’ spirit.

The team spirit stayed alive after the game, too. Word of what had happened spread among the students. Stargirl’s enthusiastic spirit extended even to the students who had not gone to the game. Many more people attended the next home game. During the first half of the game and through the half-time activities, team spirit was high. Everyone was waiting for Stargirl to make an appearance and see what she would do next. But, when the second half started and she had not appeared, team spirit took a nosedive.

On the next school day, Mallory Stillwell, the cheerleaders’ captain, invited Stargirl to join the cheerleading team. And, she did. She even wore the same clothes that the other cheerleaders wore.

The days that followed were good days for Stargirl. Everyone was interested in her in a good way. They did hold back somewhat because, after all, she was different. But, nonetheless, they enjoyed her antics.


Outwardly, Mica High School students were the opposite of Stargirl. But, somewhere inside each student, was a part that was like her. They kept it hidden, even from themselves. But, it was there, and it came out at this time.



The day before Hillari Kimble’s birthday, she approached Stargirl and told her that she should not sing to her on her birthday. Stargirl promised her that she would not sing to her.

The next day the school was all astir waiting to see if Stargirl would keep her promise. After lunch, as she usually did, Stargirl wandered around the lunchroom. This was usually the time when she would stop in front of the birthday person and serenade them. She went past Hillari without stopping. She did stop in front of Leo. She sang to Leo. She sang the birthday song and she sang Hillari’s name where the name goes, but it was Leo to whom she was singing.

Everyone except Hillari was delighted. When Kevin asked her why she chose Leo, she said that Leo was cute and pulled on Leo’s ear lobe. Kevin decided that he and Leo needed to confer with Archie.


Stargirl saw a loophole in Hillari’s request. And, she and her ukulele strolled right through it. We are about to meet Archie Brubaker. He is a retired professor who has known Stargirl since before she called herself “Stargirl.”

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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli: Free BookNotes Summary

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