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Free Study Guide: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

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The next morning Hillari tried to make sense of Stargirl and theorized that she was planted in the school. She was not really as she appeared. The school administration wanted to stir things up, Hillari said.

When Leo heard Hillari’s theory, he feared that, if Stargirl was a plant, she could not be on Hot Seat. But, Kevin figured that, if she was a plant, they could get a lot of publicity for Hot Seat by using Hot Seat to expose her as a fraud.

On the second day of school, Stargirl wore a completely different outfit. She wore bright red overall shorts. The first day of school she had worn no makeup, but on the second day, she used makeup to create over-sized freckles and reddened cheeks.

At lunch, Stargirl walked around the lunch room. When she finally stopped, it was in front of Alan Ferko. She sang “Happy Birthday” to him while strumming her ukulele.

After lunch, Kevin and Leo discussed what could be Stargirl’s future at Mica Area High School. Everyone at MAHS conformed to some degree. The survival of Stargirl, if indeed she was real, was in question.

As days became weeks, Stargirl wore many other outfits to school. And, she continued to sing to students on their birthdays. She was friendly to whoever was passing by. She joined the cross-country racing team, but was dropped when she did not complete a race.

Leo thought a lot about Stargirl, especially at night in the moonlight. It was during such a time that Leo decided that Stargirl was indeed real.


While, in the beginning, most of the students were not sure whether or not they liked Stargirl, Hilari knew from the beginning that she did not like her. Why was this? Perhaps she did not want someone else getting attention.

Stargirl did receive a lot of attention. But, drawing attention to herself did not seem to be her goal.



Kevin became unhappy with Leo. Leo could not decide whether or not he wanted to sign up Stargirl for their Hot Seat show. It was Leo’s job to sign up new people for the Hot Seat. After they were signed up, Kevin researched them. But, Leo had to take that first step, the sign-up.

Leo had a difficult time explaining his reservations about putting Stargirl on the Hot Seat. He heard rumors about her, most of them very creative. For example, one said that she was an alien.

But, what Leo knew to be true about her was also strange. Stargirl brought a curtain to each class and put it on her desk, like a table cloth. She positioned a vase with a daisy in it on the cloth. At the end of class, she removed the curtain and the vase and took them to her next class. She did many other strange things, like laughing when a joke had not been told.

Completely fascinated with her, one day Leo followed Stargirl when she left school. She led him around the town. At one place, after checking the address against a piece of paper she was carrying, Stargirl dropped something into a mailbox. Leo put his hand in the mailbox and pulled out an unsigned card with the word “Congratulations” on it. Eventually, she led him out of town and then off the highway. They never did reach a final destination. As nighttime overcame them, Leo turned back toward the highway and went home.


Leo was more thoughtful than most of the students. He had a strong desire and curiosity to understand Stargirl, to find out why she was like she was. He wanted to withhold judgment until he knew more.

Stargirl left an unsigned card at someone’s house. This was like the tie that someone had left at Leo’s house years earlier.

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Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli: Free BookNotes Summary

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