Snow In August Study Guide

Chapter 14 Summary

Michael kept thinking about what Rabbi Hirsch told him. He contemplated about telling the truth about what happened to Mister G to the cops. He thought about never having to see the rabbi again. The same afternoon, he returned to the synagogue and was quite surprised that the rabbi didn’t mention anything about the crime to him.

Michael was relieved that his friends were talking about Jackie Robinson; it was a good way to keep him distracted from the guilt that he was feeling. He noticed that whenever he was with his friends, he had to act more mature. However, when he’s with the rabbi, he could be his true self. His friends still kept asking him about treasure in the synagogue. The only treasure that Michael found so far was in Rabbi Hirsch’s stories. They continued to talk about Jackie Robinson and how he wasn’t being treated fairly because of his color. This pissed Michael off and couldn’t get it out of his head for hours.

Notes: Michael is starting to feel his disappointment towards racial discrimination.

Chapter 15 Summary

It started raining in their town again. The raging weather was wreaking havoc on houses. The snow was finally gone and Michael was listening to Red Barber broadcast the Dodgers game in Cuba via radio. Michael was still thinking about how the announcer wasn’t mentioning Jackie Robinson unless he did something.

One evening, Michael’s mother bought a new Philco radio for their house. She saved up a long time to be able to buy a new one. He asked his mom if he could give their old radio to the rabbi instead. Michael knew how happy the rabbi would feel if he could listen to music all day. The next day, he immediately handed the radio over to the rabbi. The rabbi was grateful and invited Michael to listen to some music with him.

They had fun listening to some music, with the rabbi getting excited whenever he heard something new. The rabbi told him that what he did was the greatest thing that happened to him in America. As he was going home, he saw a small crowd outside the Star Pool Room. Frankie was being arrested for beating up Mister G. Frankie stared at Michael, something that sent chills down the younger boy’s spine. The Falcons also stared at him. He decided to leave and was quietly panicking. Who could’ve told the police?

He finally reached home, but he was still nervous. He only calmed down when it was time for him to do his homework. He made sure all the doors and windows were locked, if in case somebody would break in.

Notes: Michael was starting to feel a great amount of affection for the rabbi, feeling glad that he was able to make the old man happy.

Chapter 16 Summary

The next morning, everyone in their parish has already found out about Frankie’s arrest. Michael was sure that it was Jimmy’s uncle who ratted out Frankie. The three boys were scared about what would happen if they were called out to witness.

Notes: Frankie’s arrest just made everything worse for Michael.

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