Snow In August Study Guide

Chapter 10 Summary

While his mother was at the Grandview, the cops paid Michael a visit. They interrogated him about the incident that happened at Mister G’s store. Michael lied to them and told them that he didn’t know what they were talking about. The cops were frustrated at Michael for not cooperating. His mother finally arrived and told him that he shouldn’t say anything. If the cops don’t get Frankie, God will.

Notes: The boy still doesn’t want to be labeled as a rat, concealing the truth as much as he can.

Chapter 11 Summary

Michael asked Rabbi Hirsch to tell him more about the secrets of Judah Loew. Rabbi Hirsch told him about The Golem. He went into a great account of how everything happened in Prague during that time. The rabbi didn’t hold back into making sure that Michael knew a lot about the history of Judah Loew. Michael was happy with how the story went and was pleased that he was starting to learn a lot.

Notes: Michael was always happy whenever he learned, showing his eagerness for everything.

Chapter 12 Summary

Michael’s head was still full of images of Prague, based on the rabbi’s stories. As he was running through a dark alley, something hit his back and he was spun and pushed towards a wall. It was Frankie McCarthy. He wasn’t happy with how Michael was spending a lot of time with a Jew. Frankie told Michael the he knew that the cops went to the Devlins’ home. He threatened Michael with a knife and told him that he knew where Michael’s mother worked.

Notes: Frankie’s terrorizing of Michael had only just begun.

Chapter 13 Summary

During their next session, Michael and Rabbi Hirsch were making quick progress. They were able to say the words much quicker than before. The rabbi seemed like a child whenever he got excited about providing new information for the boy. The rabbi was sad because not enough Jews were coming in to the synagogue. Once the rabbi found a book he was looking for, Michael recognized a photo in the book. It was Mister G. The rabbi revealed that one of Mister G’s son wrote to him about the poor man’s condition. Michael told the rabbi about what he knew. The rabbi felt sad that Michael didn’t tell the cops anything. He told the boy that if he doesn’t say anything, he’s just as bad as the one who did the crime.

Notes: The rabbi’s morals are obvious, but he doesn’t shove it onto Michael. This is effective in helping Michael come to terms with everything that has happened and helped him make a sound decision.

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