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Free Study Guide for The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

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1. Who is the queen in this novel?

2. What does August mean when she tells Lily that everyone needs a god that looks like them?

3. Examine the Civil Rights Amendment of 1964. How would this Amendment have affected every-day people?

4. Do you think that racism has changed a lot since 1964? If, yes, why do you think it has changed? If, no, what do you think has to happen for it to change?

5. Why do you think Rosaleen was jealous of the time Lily spent with August? Do you think she will continue to be jealous now that they will live together permanently?

6. What do you think made T. Ray turn into a mean person?

7. Why is it more important for Lily to have a mother-figure than a father-figure?

8. Did May’s death have any positive effects for those she left behind?

9. Why is it so important to Rosaleen that she registers to vote?

10. How does this novel explore the effects of misogynism in women’s lives?


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The Secret Life of Bees Free BookNotes Online Book Summary

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