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1. Lily’s mother died:

A. of a mysterious disease
B. in a mysterious accident involving a gun
C. in a mysterious plane crash

2. When Lily grows up she wants to:

A. be writer and an English teacher
B. own a peach farm
C. be a nurse

3. Lily’s mother had a picture of:

A. Martin Luther King, Jr.
B. August Boatwright
C. The Black Madonna

4. What color is August’s house?

A. pink
B. yellow
C. tan

5. What was the name of May’s twin sister?

A. April
B. Autumn
C. Spring

6. What does Zach want to do for a living?

A. be a professional football player
B. work with bees
C. be a lawyer

7. Where does May go when she is sad?

A. church
B. her wailing wall
C. the honey house

8. What gift does Zach give Lily?

A. a necklace
B. a notebook
C. a hairbrush

9. What does Rosaleen steal from the church?

A. a bible
B. two fans
C. silver candlesticks

10. What present did T. Ray give Deborah that Lily wears?

A. a blue cardigan sweater
B. a pearl necklace
C. a whale pin

11. What does Zach give Lily to remember him by?

A. his dogtag
B. a promise ring
C. his picture

12. What do the women rub all over the Our Lady of Chains statue?

A. flour
B. honey
C. lipstick

13. What does Lily touch for strength?

A. the statue’s heart
B. her mother’s hair brush
C. Zach’s dogtag

14. What is Lily’s favorite snack?

A. peaches
B. chocolate cake
C. Coke and peanuts

15. What color does August drape the hives in when May dies?

A. pink
B. black
C. grey

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