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Free Study Guide for Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: "Les Mis"

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Book First: Paris Atomised
I. Parvulus
II. Some of His Private Marks
III. He is Agreeable
IV. He May be Useful
V. His Frontiers
VI. A Scrap of History
VII. The Gamin Will Have His Place Among the Classifications of India
VIII. In Which Will be Found a Charming Pleasantry of the Late King
IX. The Ancient Soul of Gaul
X. Ecce Paris, Ecce Homo
XI. Ridicule and Reign
XII. The Future Latent in the People

Book Second: The Grand Bourgeois
I. Ninety Years Old and Thirty Two Teeth
II. Like Master, Like Dwelling
III. Luke Esprit
IV. An Inspiring Centenarian
V. Basque and Nicolette
VI. In Which We See la Magnon and Her Two Little Ones
VII. Rule: Never Receive Anybody Except in the Evening
VIII. Two do not Make a Pair

Book Third: The Grandfather and the Grandson
I. An old Man
II. One of the Red Spectres of That Time
III. Requescant
IV. End of the Brigand
V. The Utility of Going to Mass to Become Revolutionary
VI. What it is to Have Met a Church Warden
VII. Some Petticoat
VIII. Marble Against Granite

Book Fourth: The Friends of ABC
I. A Group Which Almost Became Historic
II. Funeral Orations Upon Blondeau by Bossuet
III. The Astonishment of Marius
IV. The Back Room of the Café Musain
V. Enlargement of the Horizon
VI. Res Angusta

Book Fifth: The Excellence of Misfortune
I. Marius Needy
II. Marius Poor
III. Marius a Man
IV. M. Mabeuf
V. Poverty a Good Neighbor of Misery
VI. The Supplanter

Book Sixth: The Conjunction of Two Stars
I. The Nickname: Mad of Formation of Family Names
II. Lux Facta Est
III. Effect of Spring
IV. Commencement of a Great Distemper
V. Sundry Thunderbolts Fall Upon Ma’am Bougon
VI. Taken Prisoner
VII. Adventures of the Letter U Abandoned to Conjecture
VIII. Even the Invalides may be Lucky
IX. An Eclipse

Book Seventh: Patron-Minette
I. The Mines and the Miners
II. The Lowest Depth
III. Babet, Guelemer, Claquesous and Montparnasse
IV. Composition of the Band

Book Eighth: The Noxious Poor
I. Marius, Looking for a Girl with a Hat, Meets a Man with a Cap
II. A Waif
III. Quadrifrons
IV. A Rose in Misery
V. The Judas of Providence
VI. The Wild Man in His Lair
VII. Strategy and Tactics
VIII. The Sunbeam in the Hole
IX. Jondrette Weeps Almost
X. Price of Public Cabriolets: Two Francs an Hour
XI. Offers of Service by Misery to Grief
XII. Use of M. Leblanc’s Five Franc Piece
XIII. Solus Cum Solo, in Loco Remoto, Non Cogitabantur Orace pater Noster
XIV. In which a Police officer Gives a Lawyer Two Fisticuffs
XV. Jondrette Makes his Purchase
XVI. In Which Will be Found the Song to an English Air in Fashion in 1832
XVII. Use of Marius Five Franc Piece
XVIII. Marius’ Two Chairs Face Each Other
XIX. The Distractions of Darkness
XX. The Ambuscade
XXI. The Victims Should Always Be Arrested First

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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Free BookNotes Summary

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