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Free Study Guide for Les Miserables by Victor Hugo: "Les Mis"

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Book First: Waterloo
I. What You meet in Coming From Nivelles
II. Hougomont
III. The 18th of June, 1815
V. The Quid Obscurum of Battles
VI. 4:00 in the Afternoon
VII. Napoleon in Good Humor
VIII. The Emperor Puts a Question to the Guide Lacoste
IX. The Unlooked For
X. The Plateau of Mont Saint Jean
XI. Sad Guide for Napoleon: Good Guide for Bulow
XII. The Guard
XIII. The Catastrophe
XIV. The Last Square
XV. Cambronne
XVI. Quot Libras in Duce
XVII. Must We Approve Waterloo
XVIII. Recrudescence of Divine Right
XIX. The Field of Battle at Night

Book Second: The Ship Orion
I. Number 24601 Becomes Number9430
II. In Which a couple of Line Will be Read Which Came Perhaps from the Evil One
III. Showing that the Chain of the Iron Ring Must needs Have Undergone a Certain Preparation to Be Thus Broken by one Blow of the Hammer

Book Third: Fulfillment of the Promise to the Departed
I. The Water Question at Montfermeil
II. Two Portraits Completed
III. Man Must Have Wine and Horses Water
IV. A Doll Enters Upon the Scene
V. The Little Girl All Alone
VI. Which Perhaps Proves the Intelligence of Boulatruelle
VII. Cosette Side by Side with the Unknown in the Darkness
VIII. Inconvenience of Entertaining a Poor Man Who is Perhaps Rich
IX. Thenardier Manoeuvring
X. Who Seeks the Best May Find the Worst
XI. Number 9430 Comes Up Again and Cosette Draws It.

Book Fourth: The Old Gorbeau House
I. Master Gorbeau
II. A Nest for Owl and Wren
III. Two Misfortunes Mingled Make Happiness
IV. What the Landlady Discovered
V. A Five Franc Piece Falling on the Floor Makes a Noise

Book Five: A Dark Chase Needs a Silent Hound
I. The Zigzags of Strategy
II. It is Fortunate that Vehicles Can Cross The Bridge of Austerlitz
III. See the Plan of Paris of 1727
IV. Groping for Escape
V. Which Would be Impossible were the Streets Lighted by Gas
VI. Commencement of an Enigma
VII. The Enigma Continued
VIII. The Enigma Redoubles
IX. The Man with the Bell
X. In Which is Explained how Javert Lost the Game

Book Sixth: Petit Picpus
I. Petite Rue Picpus, no 62
II. The Obedience of Martin Verga
III. Severities
IV. Gaities
V. Distractions
VI. The Little Convent
VII. A Few Outlines in the Shade
VIII. Post Corda Lapides
IX. A Century Under a Guimp
X. Origin of the Perpetual Adoration
XI. End of the Petit Picpus

Book Seventh: A Parenthesis
I. The Convent as an Abstract Idea
II. The Convent as a Historical Fact
III. Upon What Conditions We can Respect the Past
IV. The Convent Viewed in the Light of Principle
V. Prayer
VI. The Absolute Excellence of Prayer
VII. Precautions to be Taken in Censure
VIII. Faith-Law

Book Eighth: Cemeteries Take What is Given Them
I. Which Treats of the Manner of Entertaining the Convent
II. Fauchelevant Facing the Difficulty
III. Mother Innocent
IV. In Which Jean Valjean has Quite the Appearance of Having Read Austin Castillejo
V. It is not Enough to be a Drunkard to be Immortal
VI. In the Narrow House
VII. In Which will be Found the Origin of the Saying, Donít Lose Your Card
VIII. Successful Examination
IX. The Close

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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo Free BookNotes Summary

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