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1.) Rahim Khan told Amir that he

a.) had time to be the man his father wanted him to be.
b.) had the chance to do good again.
c.) had to come to Pakistan to reclaim his father’s house.

2.) Hassan was a member of the minority class called

a.) Pashtuns
b.) Naans
c.) Hazaras

3.) Hassan and Amir were brothers in reality and symbolically, because

a.) they had both fed at the same breasts and Baba was their biological father.
b.) they had both fed at the same breasts and Ali was their biological father.
c.) Ali was their godfather and Baba was their biological father.

4.) Amir’s greatest sin is that

a.) he stood by while Assef was being raped by Hassan.
b.) he stood by while Hassan was being raped by Assef.
c.) he stood by while Assef nearly beat Hassan to death.

5.) Amir doesn’t mind that his wife Soraya had a relationship with another man, because

a.) he has a secret past, too.
b.) she is so beautiful that any man would want to marry her.
c.) Baba doesn’t have enough money for the wedding dowry for any other woman.

6.) When Amir wins the kite tournament, he is

a.) controlling the kite’s movement while Hassan controls the spool of string.
b.) controlling the spool while Hassan controls the kite’s movement.
c.) running to find the final kite while Hassan holds on to his winning one.

7.) When Amir sends Hassan, the greatest kite runner, after the blue kite, Hassan shouts back to him,

a.) “I love you, Amir agha!”
b.) “We are brothers, Amir agha!”
c.) “For you, a thousand times over!”

8.) Amir frames Hassan for stealing his wristwatch and the birthday money, because

a.) he thinks it would be funny.
b.) he knows Baba would like an excuse to get new servants.
c.) he can’t stand how badly he feels having Hassan in his home.

9.) The first time Amir ever sees his father weep occurs when

a.) Ali and Hassan leave his home.
b.) he learns that Amir never helped Hassan when he was being attacked.
c.) when Baba is forced to leave his beloved homeland.

10.) Amir and his father are forced to leave Afghanistan by

a.) sneaking out in the tank of a fuel truck.
b.) sneaking out under the hay of a farmer’s wagon.
c.) traveling from home to home until they reach the border.

11.) Baba comes to America where he takes a job in

a.) a restaurant
b.) a grocery store
c.) a gas station

12.) Baba and Amir also make money by

a.) selling kabob on the streets.
b.) buying goods from garage sales and re-selling them at a flea market.
c.) repairing cars.

13.) Amir must pay a heavy price to get Sohrab from Assef. He must

a.) battle him with his fists while Assef wears brass knuckles.
b.) shoot him with Sohrab’s slingshot.
c.) fight him with Afghani swords.

14.) Amir breaks his promise to not put Sohrab in an orphanage which causes Sohrab to

a.) run away.
b.) wound Amir with his slingshot.
c.) cut his wrists.

15.) The only way that Amir is able to break through Sohrab’s silence is

a.) to give him the Polaroid photograh.
b.) to show him the box of Afghan soil Baba had carried with him after leaving Afghanistan.
c.) to take him to a park and fly a kite.

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