Chapter 7

Katniss awakes and is the first one at breakfast, where Haymitch and Peeta join her to talk before their first day of training. Haymitch explains that training will last for three days and all the twenty-four tributes will practice together. On the afternoon of the third day they will perform in private in front of the Gamemakers. They talk strategy over breakfast and decide that they will train together instead of separately since Peeta seems to know all about Katniss’ prowess as a hunter. This comes as a surprise to Katniss who didn’t realize that Peeta was paying such close attention to her. Peeta identifies his strength as a strong wrestler, but he feels he has little chance of winning.

When she tries to downplay her archery skills, Peeta calls Katniss a survivor and reveals that even his own mother thinks that Katniss will survive over him. She responds by saying that she would not have survived without him and his generosity years ago. Haymitch recommends that they not reveal their strengths until the private sessions with the Game makers and to instead pick up useful skills during the training instead of showing off. He also tells them to stay together at all times and pretend to be good friends with one another. At the training session, Katniss watches the tributes and realizes that almost all of them are bigger than her although she thinks she may have an edge as many of them are clearly underfed. The tributes from the richer districts are healthier though and well trained. She realizes how much of an advantage these Career Tributes have as they have trained for this all their life and volunteer to be in the games. The training area is broken into different stations with combat training and survival skills.

Peeta and Katniss choose to learn some survival skills and over the next three days they learn about camouflage, knot tying, starting a fire, and making a shelter. The Gamemakers watch from the stands and take notes on the participants. During the training, they realize that a young girl named Rue, a tribute from District 11 who reminds Katniss of her younger sister, has been following them and watching them closely.

When the private sessions begin with the Gamemakers, Katniss is last to have her session. She selects the bow from the weapons but it is different than her own bow so she is clumsy with it her first few attempts. She loses the interest of the Gamemakers who are more interested in the roasted pig that has just arrived at their table. After taking several difficult shots and having no attention on her and knowing her life is at stake, she becomes frustrated and shoots an arrow right into the apple in the pig’s mouth shocking the Gamemakers. She thanks them for their consideration and storms out.

Katniss and Peeta’s relationship becomes deeper in this chapter during their talks, and despite Katniss trying to keep her distance, she starts to become fond of him. During the training sessions we are introduced to the other tributes in further detail and the advantages that the tributes from the richer districts have remind the audience that Katniss and Peeta are underdogs due to their lack of wealth. Katniss’ act of rebellion against the Gamemakers emphasizes her fighting nature and allows the readers to get a sense of how frustrating the situation is for her.

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