Chapter 5

Once inside the Capitol, a team of people start to work on her to prepare her for her head stylist Cinna. When Cinna arrives, Katniss is surprised to realize he is different than the other stylists and looks rather normal. He is modest sounding and down to earth. He tells her that it is his first year working as a stylist for the Hunger Games and specifically requested the tributes from District 12. Cinna and Katniss have lunch and he comments that they must all seem despicable to her and offers his condolences for her being there. He discusses her costume with her and tells her that the costumes usually reflect the district’s industry. Since District 12 is coal mining, her costume will be lit by synthetic flame and she will be known as ‘the girl on fire.’ A few hours later Katniss and Peeta make their entrance to the parade in a main plaza in the city. They are on a chariot in front of a large audience and Cinna lights them with synthetic flames and tells them to hold hands just before they emerge. They cause a huge sensation and they become the most memorable tributes of the night which gives Katniss hope.

This chapter further elaborates on the wealth inequality between the people of the districts and the people of the Capitol. We are introduced to the stylists and Cinna who seems to see through the mask that Katniss presents to the others. He introduces the concept of Katniss being the ‘girl on fire,’ and we see the beginning attempts of their strategy to win over the audience.

Chapter 6

The team arrives at the Training Center, which is where the tributes stay until the Games start. Effie gushes over how well the two of them did and promised to try to help them get sponsors, even though it is Haymitch’s job. Katniss is in awe of her beautiful surroundings and can’t help but explore her room, which is bigger than her whole house back home. She gets ready and meets the others for dinner, which is served by people dressed in white tunics. Katniss recognizes a young woman with red hair and blurts out that she knows her but quickly feels guilt and anxiety as she remembers where she knows this woman from. Effie informs her that there is no way she knows this girl because she is an Avox who is someone that has committed a crime and has had their tongue cut out. Peeta covers for her by saying the Avox looks like someone from their school.

After dinner Katniss and Peeta go to the roof where they can speak privately. Peeta asks Katniss how he knew the girl and she tells him that she and Gale were hunting in the woods when they saw a young girl and boy running in terror. A hovercraft appeared and captured the girl and shot the boy with a spear and hauled his body up as well. Katniss confessed that for a moment she locked eyes with the girl but did nothing, which still haunts her. They go back inside to retire for the night and Peeta asks about Gale, inquiring if he is a relative of hers. He asks if Gale came to say goodbye when she was leaving. She confirmed that he did but told him that his father also came to say goodbye to her. Peeta tells her that his father and her mother had been friends growing up, which she did not know. She goes into her room and the Avox girl is there to collect her clothes. Katniss wants to apologize for not helping her but does not know what to say so she sends her out. She falls asleep while wondering if the girl will enjoy watching her die in the Games.

During this chapter the readers are introduced to the other tributes and we learn more about the day to day life in the Capitol, and the difference in living standards between the poor and the wealthy. The concept of rebellion is explored in this chapter with the Avox being presented as an example of how the Capitol deters any defiance. The reader gets a good idea of how truly powerful the Capitol is and how horrible their punishments can be.

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