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Free Study Guide for The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: BookNotes

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CHAPTERS 91 - 95


Silas and Rémy gag and bind Teabing. Silas receives a call from the Teacher who tells him he wants Rémy to bring him the keystone. Silas is disappointed but the Teacher explains that because Rémy disobeyed his orders, he must be reprimanded. The Teacher tells Silas to go to an Opus Dei house for his own safety. The Teacher asks to speak with Rémy. As Rémy takes the phone, he thinks about how the Teacher has used Silas and Bishop Aringarosa. The Teacher tells Rémy to meet him at St. James Park.

Sophie and Langdon go to the library at King’s College to figure out where the tomb may be. The librarian, who knows Teabing, assists them as they sift through numerous possibilities.

Silas is welcomed at the Opus Dei house in London. While he is upstairs praying, someone calls from the London police and says he has a tip that an albino monk is there. The numerary who answers the phone confirms that Silas is there.

The Teacher gets into the limo at St. James Park. He offers Rémy a drink from his flask. The Teacher reminds Rémy that he is the only one who knows the Teacher’s face. Suddenly Rémy realizes he is being murdered as his throat begins to swell. After Rémy dies the Teacher thinks of how he has only to worry about Langdon and Sophie now. He heads to the tomb that he has heard Saunière mention in his bugged office. The Teacher is sure Langdon will eventually figure out the correct place and meet him there. Meanwhile a British police officer meets Aringarosa at the airport and tells him that Fache thinks he will be safest at Scotland Yard. As they drive, Aringarosa hears the address for the London Opus Dei on the radio. He knows Silas is in trouble and asks to be taken to him.

Langdon and Sophie continue to search the words “knight,” “London,” “tomb,” and “Pope” in the search program on the computer at the library. When they get a hit about Alexander Pope they realize Saunière is referring to Isaac Newton, whose burial was presided over by Alexander Pope.


The tension builds in this section of the novel. When the Teacher kills Rémy it becomes apparent that he plans to keep the Grail for himself. Rémy’s death foreshadows Silas’s death and the Aringarosa’s injury. Those associated with the Teacher’s devious plan will not emerge unscathed.

Aringarosa proves to be a round character. A round character, as opposed to a flat character, is one that demonstrates a multi-faceted personality. A flat character, on the other hand, is one-dimensional. In this section it becomes apparent that Aringarosa did not merely use Silas. Instead, Aringarosa truly cares for Silas and wants to help him.

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