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Free Study Guide for The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown: BookNotes

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CHAPTERS 86 - 90


Rémy watches as Silas points a gun at Langdon, demanding the cryptex. Rémy is concerned with the way things are proceeding. The Teacher has told Silas to walk into the church, get the cryptex and harm no one. Rémy is compelled to help Silas, but the Teacher strictly forbade him from showing his face. The Teacher also told Rémy that the Grail will not be found in the Temple Church. As Rémy watches Langdon threaten to break the cryptex, he decides he must act. If the cryptex breaks, Rémy will not gain the money he was promised. Everyone is shocked to see Rémy. Rémy points the gun at Teabing. After Rémy fires a warning shot, Langdon is convinced he will shoot Teabing for real and gives the cryptex to Silas. Despite Langdon’s pleas, Rémy takes Teabing with him.

Collet receives reports on both Vernet and Rémy, whose finger prints were lifted in the house. Vernet has a clean record and Rémy has a history of petty crime. In the hayloft in the barn, the police discover surveillance equipment.

Sophie decides they must alert the London authorities in order to find Teabing. Sophie calls the police, giving her name so they will take her seriously. They connect her with Fache, who tells her she and Langdon are no longer suspects but orders her to come in for her own safety. Sophie hangs up on him and dashes onto a train.

Fache is still at Teabing’s plane, looking over the wooden box and cryptex discovered in the safe. He receives yet another call from Vernet. Fache assures Vernet that the stolen property and the bank’s reputation are safe.

Collet learns that the surveillance equipment has been spying on all four of the men murdered that evening.


Since Sophie and Langdon reached Teabing’s estate the pace of the plot slowed a bit in exchange for relaying important information regarding the Grail. Now that the audience has most of the information it needs to understand the quest, the pace from here on will quicken significantly.

Now that it is obvious Rémy is involved with the Teacher, we learn that he is responsible for obtaining valuable information from the murdered men through hidden surveillance. We are coming closer to the identity of the Teacher as more suspects are eliminated.

Sophie and Langdon learn they are no longer suspects. However, the reader cannot yet trust Fache because he cannot be eliminated as a potential threat. Thus, Sophie and Langdon are possibly in more danger now that Fache knows where they are.

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The Da Vinci Code: Free BookNotes Online Book Summary

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