Chapter 44 & 45

After the camp is asleep Stanley starts digging and Zero sneaks off to fill their water jars. He returns with cereal and water, then goes back again for refills. Stanley keeps digging. He unearths part of a rectangular object embedded in the side of the hole. Carefully he digs around it until he is able to pull it loose. It is a suitcase. He hands it up to Zero. The Warden is standing there.

Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski are there as well. They see yellow-spotted lizards crawling on Zero and on the suitcase that is now in his lap. Mr. Pendanski shines his flashlight into the hole. Stanley is standing in a lizard nest. The Warden is pleased that there will at least be a body to give to the woman from the A.G.’s office. She is content to wait for the boys to die from lizard bites so that she may have the treasure she has been digging for since she was a little girl.

Notes: Things had been looking up for Stanley, but now he seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time again. Previous turns of events however, suggest that fate may have something else in store for him.

Chapter 46 - 48

Stanley and Zero do their best to stay still so as not to disturb the lizards. The Warden fabricates the story she wants Mr. Sir and Mr. Pendanski to tell the woman and the A.G. Stanley does not know who the woman is or what the “Age-ee” is. He tries to think of pleasant things before he dies, so he thinks of his mother. The Warden is annoyed that Stanley is not dead yet.

Mr. Sir tells Stanley something about a lawyer that had been there yesterday to pick Stanley up, but Stanley could not make sense of it.

Stanley hears Zero trying to say something. There are now eight lizards in the hole with Stanley, moving lower into the shade as the sun rises. A car pulls up just as Zero asks Stanley if Stanley’s last name is his first name spelled backwards.

Mr. Pendanski leads a tall man and an Hispanic woman over to the hole. The woman says she is Stanley’s lawyer and begins accusing and arguing with the Warden. The Warden says Stanley has been delirious and tried to steal her suitcase.

Meanwhile the lizards go completely into the shade and Stanley is able to climb out of his hole. He helps Zero, who is still holding the suitcase, to his feet.

The Warden threatens to press charges against Stanley for stealing the suitcase. Zero tells everyone that the suitcase has Stanley’s name on it and shows them the big black letters STANLEY YELNATS. The Warden is dumbfounded.

The Warden tries to adjust her story so she can get into the suitcase. Stanley’s lawyer, Ms. Morengo, and the tall man, the Attorney General (A.G.), rush Stanley away. Stanley refuses to leave without Zero. The lawyer and the A.G. ask for Hector’s file but it cannot be found. Outraged, they take Hector with them. All of the other boys from Group D, except X-Ray, come to see them off.

Notes: Stanley’s bad luck and the bad luck of his great-grandfather have combined to help Stanley and Hector get out of Camp Green Lake together. All of the events that seemed like being in the wrong place at the wrong time ended up putting the boys in the right place at the right time.

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