Next morning, Principal Owens is loudly expressing his grievances to Ben Ross: teachers and parents are complaining, and he can't placate them by saying The Wave is just an experiment. Ross explains that he now knows he made a mistake but must deal with two hundred students who still believe in The Wave and must be taught the error of their ways. Ross asks Principal Owens that he be given the rest of the day so that he can teach that lesson properly. When Owens asks what he can tell the parents and teachers, Ross assures him that it will be...........


The tension between Ben Ross' role as Wave figurehead and teacher are explicitly discussed here, as his job is on the line and he's lost the trust of Laurie and David. Dramatic tension is created by David and Laurie being kept in the dark about what exactly Mr. Ross is doing. He seems to be furthering The Wave instead of.............



Ben Ross watches the organized, disciplined students filing into the auditorium for the Wave rally and wonders how long it will take for their homework to get sloppy again after they're deprogrammed. Robert, dressed in a jacket and tie, coordinates the rally and makes sure the auditorium doors are all locked. Ben waits nervously off-stage but is............


The term deprogrammed explicitly ties The Wave to cults, as it's used most often to describe how cult members are forced to deny the.............

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