1. What location does Bella leave to live with her father?

a. Phoenix, Arizona.
b. Forks, Washington.
c. La Push, Washington.
d. Denali, Alaska.

2. What is Charlie Swan's occupation?

a. Doctor.
b. Police Chief.
c. Writer.
d. College professor.

3. What class does Bella share with Edward?

a. English.
b. Gym.
c. Biology.
d. Physics.

4. What does Bella do after Edward saves her from being crushed by a van?

a. She keeps quiet about how he did it, as he requested.
b. She visits him at his home to thank him.
c. She tells Jessica and Angela what happened, and they laugh at her.
d. None of the above.

5. Who does not ask Bella out to the girls' choice dance?

a. Eric.
b. Mike.
c. Tyler.
d. All of them ask her.

6. What animal does Edward most enjoy hunting?

a. Humans.
b. Grizzly bears.
c. Mountain lions.
d. Gazelles.

7. For Edward, what makes Bella different from other humans?

a. He cannot read her mind.
b. He can sense whenever she's in danger.
c. Her scent is exactly like his own.
d. None of the above.

8. What is the name of the Native American tribe to which the Blacks belong?

a. The Navajo.
b. La Push.
c. The Quileute.
d. The Quinault.

9. What does Jacob call the Cullens and their kind?

a. The Coven.
b. The Cold Ones.
c. The Clan of Vampires.
d. The Visitors.

10. What happens to a vampire when it is out in the sun?

a. It burns to death.
b. Its skin glistens as if covered in diamonds.
c. It causes great pain, but not death.
d. Nothing happens.

11. Which of the following is not a part of Carlisle Cullen's history?

a. He was born in seventeenth century London, the son of an Anglican pastor.
b. He studied with a group of Italian vampires.
c. He struck a peace agreement with the Quileute Indians.
d. All of these things happened to him.

12. How does Charlie initially react when Bella says she's dating Edward?

a. He gets Edward's name wrong.
b. He mistakes Edward for Emmett.
c. He is adamantly against it.
d. All of the above.

13. Who is initially presented as the leader of the visiting pack of vampires?

a. James.
b. Victoria.
c. Laurent.
d. They present themselves as equals.

14. What does James do to lure Bella to him?

a. Use a VCR tape with Renee's voice to trick her.
b. Holds Charlie hostage.
c. Uses his power of emotional persuasion.
d. Registers in the same hotel as her.

15. To which special event does Edward take Bella at the novel's end?

a. Graduation.
b. Prom.
c. Her vampire conversion ritual.
d. Their first official date.

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