Hunt - The Voice among the Trees


The men are exhausted by the time they reach the plateau. So they rest for a while. Talking in soft tones they discuss Flint and his men. Suddenly from the middle of the trees, the famous song of Billy Bones are heard.

"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest-Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!"

Jim says, he had never seen the six men more terrified. The song stops. Silver tries to recognize the voice. Once again the voice breaks out. This time, instead of the song it says "Darby McGrow". Dick takes out his Bible and starts praying. But Silver is still not disturbed. He says that he is here to get the seven hundred thousand pounds from the Island and that he shall get it. This doesn't charge up this crew. Morgan feels that it is the spirit's voice and stops Silver from crossing it. Silver reasons out that spirit's voice doesn't echo and that it is human. Nudging his memory, Silver cries out that its Ben Gunn. Soon they are back in their original spirits. Without minding the presence of Ben Gunn, they proceed towards the treasure. Dick is still terrified and Silver's taunt terrifies him more.

They reach the first of the tall trees and then the second and the third. Jim says the only thing that kept them going was the thought of the seven hundred thousand pounds. Finally they reach the edge of the thicket. Overjoyed, they shout `huzza'. All of a sudden Silver increases his pace. Jim follows him. They stop when they see the most unexpected sight.

The treasure has gone. It has already been excavated and the only thing that is left is the nameplate of Flint's ship - WALRUS.


The men are tired when they ascend the slopes. They sit down to rest and start talking about Flint. Silver as usual, is in control of the conversation. Their conversation had taken a lower tone after they had found the skeleton.

Then a terrifying incident occurs. From the middle of trees, they hear a voice singing the famous Billy Bones' song. Suddenly it stops. Then it is heard again. The pirates are sure that it is sign of evil spirits.

Silver in the meanwhile recognizes the voice as Ben Gunn's. Once confirmed that it is the voice of a Man, the men are no longer terrified. The only thing that keeps them going is the thought of getting rich, their high spirits are portrayed when they shout.

As they reach the edge of the thicket, Stevenson adds an unbelievable twist to the whole plot. The Treasure has gone. All the promises, dreams and expectations are shattered by the promises made by Silver. The world for the pirates has come to an end. The only thing they find, is the name board of Flint's ship - Walrus. Nothing can be more disappointing. All their efforts, their hard work has been paid off in the most unexpected way. Silver's position as a leader is now in jeopardy.

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